Monday, September 7, 2009

Marriage Dress Lessons from the Stars.

A marriage photography company is measured by many factors, factors that include great service and support, before the marriage, in the marriage party and after the marriage. Then there are great costs and packages offered by the marriage photography company. Dont get us inaccurate, there's a lot that's required in taking a correct photograph, stuff like the correct angles of a profile, correct lighting and plenty of other factors that go into taking correct marriage pictures.

With the exception of, say, your own mom, no-one ever walked up the aisle looking more beautiful than Grace Kelly. Elizabeth Hurley got to cut back the anxiousness over selecting a robe by having 2 different marriage dresses in 2 separate rites. For her English marriage, she was wearing a normal flowing white chiffon dress, and then wore a pink sari with gold highlights for her 2nd rite in India.

Her beautiful floor-length marriage robe was white at the shoulder, then continuously shaded in to a rich mauve at the hem. Though red has racy connotations in the West, in several Asian cultures its considered a fortunate color that helps bring wealth to a pair not a bad discussion to run by your groom if you are feeling like going up the aisle in scarlet.
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