Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If Jesus Was on Twitter, What Would Jesus Tweet? ( WWJT ).

high chair covers.

In the year 1999, Mamma Mia has made its extraordinary debut at the opulent Prince Edward Theatre, which was later moved to the Prince of Wales Theatre. Perhaps I couldnt find anything that match my outfit? Well, I was also busy raising babies, so perhaps I just missed it. ( Just fooling ) In early 2k, while I was making a transition into natural health, I found a book by Dr What Would Jesus Tweet ( WWJT ) ? If He was on Facebook, what would his updates be like? Would Jesus use Social Media? Would He have an Iphone or Blackberry? What about Skype, You-Tube or a Blog? I know this is going to be questionable for some non secular folks. ( Matthew 14:30 ) * Just sent some hogs into the Lake. ( Matthew 8:32 ) * Found out Lazarus died, heading there in two days to raise him from the dead, Whos going to come witness? ( John 11:6 ) * Do not be scared Simon, Lets go catch some Tweeps ( Luke 5:10 ) * Ignore those non secular Tweeps ( Pharisees ), your faith is what has saved you.

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