Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The tale of Bonnie Prince Shea.

Often a Blank Card may cause a Blank Mind Recently it mostly seems like Ive got another marriage anniversary card to sign. And this time, I have a similar issue I mostly have : I just do not know what to draft. Sure, I know some of you out there are terribly gifted writers and would have no trouble whipping off fast, clever, exciting small greetings all day 24x7. Put on Your Google Glasses Google Shades permit us to see just about any type of info. The tale of Bonnie Prince Shea was drafted in honour and in memory of Shea Hermsen who died at age nine. Written and illustrated by his mum Roxi, the tale tells of Prince Sheas long destined journey, far, far away. The illustrations are pictures of complicated paper mache puppets set against a painted back ground. The poetic story is simple for children to read and remember. There aren't a lot of stories out there for families who must cope with the sad loss of a kid. Shea was a creative boy, a prize-winning videographer by age 9. He played the guitar, liked to create pottery and go to Science camp. He was extremely community orientated and this book honours his short, yet full life. The Story of Bonnie Prince Shea was drafted in 2006 the following year, at his brother Brams wedding, Shea showed up. There he was in a smiling sundog rainbow on the most up to date day in July. Everybody there, who knew Shea, saw him smiling down over the marriage party. This book announces the things you'd like to say, if you might find the words. We can check online for things written on cards, concepts to put on cards, funny card ideas, gorgeous anniversary card verses, 4th marriage anniversary, 25th anniversary, etc. Of these 3, my favourite choice would be a book on quotations.
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