Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If Jesus Was on Twitter, What Would Jesus Tweet? ( WWJT ).

The acronym served as a conscious guide as to What Would Jesus Do in specific situations. Guess what? I never owned a single WWJD item. Perhaps I couldnt find anything that match my outfit? Well, I was also busy raising babies, so perhaps I just missed it. ( Just fooling ) In early two thousand, while I was making a move into natural health, I discovered a book by Dr ever dreamed about having your marriage on a tropical island beach? The feeling of the warm afternoon sand between your toes, the natural harmony of the sea as it carefully caresses the coast, standing side by side, with the one you adore, committing to each other utterly. But why go for this island shangri la as your dream marriage destination? In the event you need slightly more support, here are 1 or 2 concerns. What could make a rather more superb background to your marriage memories than Samui Archipelago? Go for a sail round the island, snorkel in the shallow waters, and for the bold couples who need to start their wedding with a tiny depth, there are fascinating underwater marriage rites available. * Give your folks & Pals a real incentive to Take A Vacation . Sometimes everybody needs a little enticement to flee our day to day lives, a reminder that if we do not bother to enjoy the opportunities before us, we may never get the same probabilities again. Everybody will give you thanks for many years to come.

( Mark 1:17 ) * Fear Not My Tweeps, Its my pleasure to offer you the dominion. * Join Me for a Live Webinar, discover how you can live for keeps.

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